​​If I have a question, who should I ask? 

  • For questions about your overall program, contact your Benefits Administrator or Employee wellness Coordinator.

For problems with missing or incorrect points, email us at bluerewardsinquiry@floridablue.com

  • Please include your first name, last name, Florida Blue member ID number, and a brief description of the issue.

For issues with FloridaBlue.com registration or login

  • Call 1-800-352-2583


​Additional Rewards for Your Effort and Commitment

Blue Rewards You too

If you elect the college's medical insurance, you have access to the Florida Blue, Blue Rewards program. To participate in this program, you must elect the College's medical insurance.  Blue Rewards integrates the use of different apps into the program. There is also a discounted gym membership available to a network of gyms nation wide. If you meet certain attendance requirements, you may be eligible for a reimbursement of your membership fees. 






Sponsored by Florida Blue (the College's medical insurance)

Blue Rewards is a wellness program sponsored by Florida Blue (the College's medical insurance) IN ADDITION to State College of Florida's Pride in Wellness program. 

Earn points through Blue Rewards and redeem those points for merchandise or gift cards at FloridaBLUE.com

Steps to login to the BlueRewards site
1.       Florida Blue website
2.       Log in
3.       Health & Wellness
4.       Discounts & Rewards
5.       Earn BlueRewards – Learn More
6.       Redeem Now – to redeem your points
7.       Keep earning – to see how many points you’ve earned

To learn more about the program, please CLICK HERE