​​If I have a question, who should I ask? 

  • For questions about your overall program, contact your Benefits Administrator or Employee wellness Coordinator.

For problems with missing or incorrect points, email us at bluerewardsinquiry@floridablue.com

  • Please include your first name, last name, Florida Blue member ID number, and a brief description of the issue.

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  • Call 1-800-352-2583


​Additional Rewards for Your Effort and Commitment

Blue Rewards You too

The new Florida Blue program platform: “Better You Strides” powered by CaféWell®, a free online personal wellness site that creates a custom-made plan to help employees meet their health and wellness goals. The CaféWell mobile app is available from the Apple App store or Google Play. Our sponsor code is: betteryoustrides.

Florida Blue Teladoc: Beginning January 1, Teladoc is a new and convenient way to access qualified doctors anytime, anywhere for only $10. Teladoc can treat many medical conditions, including:  cold & flu, allergies, sinus infection, ear infections, urinary tract infections, and more. Welcome kits were mailed the week of December 18th, 2017 to participating Florida Blue members. Visit www.teladoc.com or call 1-800-Teladoc.

Florida Blue Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP): Voluntary FREE CDC evidence-based year-long program focusing on the prevention of diabetes. Participants must qualify for the program, and are not eligible for the diabetes prevention program if have previously been diagnosed with diabetes. The program emphasizes three lifestyle changes: healthy diet, becoming more physically active, and maintaining healthy weight.







Sponsored by Florida Blue (the College's medical insurance)

 The new Florida Blue program will be available for members 2/1/2018 through 12/31/2018.

Florida Blue members have access to rewards IN ADDITION to State College of Florida's Pride in Wellness program. 

​If you elect the college's medical insurance, you have access to the Florida Blue program. 

Florida Blue member employees are eligible to earn a $15 gift card by completing the following criteria for reward:

Employees must complete the biometric screening and online health assessment to earn a $15 gift card. Spouses can participate in the onsite health screening, but will not earn a reward. 

More information available soon through your Benefits Coordinator.