Wellness Advisory Council (Wellness Committee) – We are a team of employees that meet and plan activities to pursue and promote good health for our co-workers and ourselves. We are responsible for:

  • Developing, operating and evaluating our wellness plan, mission and vision, goals and objectives;
  • Participating in wellness committee monthly meetings and activities, implementation, and evaluation;
  • Communicating with employees to encourage participation and engagement in programs and healthy lifestyles;
  • Assisting in delivering a results-oriented wellbeing program providing resources for healthy change behavior;
  • Securing a replacement if unable to continue with committee.

Wellness Communication Coordinator (WCC) – We are a team of employees with a commitment to the health & wellbeing of SCF employees. We serve as ambassadors of Pride in Wellness, SCF’s Employee Wellness Program. We are encouraged to:

  • Promote wellness programs to co-workers to increase participation and awareness;
  • Post flyers in designated areas and strategic places within your department;
  • Encourage co-workers to be actively engaged in various wellness initiatives offered throughout the year.

Please contact przetot@scf.edu if you are interested in joining our team!

2018 Sneak Peak

Pride in Wellness, your employee wellness program at SCF, offers a variety of programs, activities, and rewards to help you get and stay healthy. We are of the philosophy that healthy employees = happy employees.  Our line up includes:

American Heart Association 2018 Heartwalk: Saturday, November 10 at JD Hamel Park (Marina Jack) 8:00 AM. Join us for more information at our informational & team captain sessions as well as FREE hands-only CPR Training from the AHA.

  • Bradenton Campus (Lifesize LWR Campus): Friday, September 14 12 Noon (B: 7-160, LWR: CIT 134)
  • Venice Campus: Tuesday, September 18 12:30 PM (Selby Room, Media Side)

Weight Watchers at Work - Beyond the Scale program meets weeklyon the Bradenton Campus from 12-1 PM in 7-160 Subsidy available for those who join.

Financial Wellbeing - Pride In Wellness will be working with Suncoast Credit Union & Voya Retirement to bring SCF employees ongoing financial wellness support at NO COST. 

Onsite Fitness Classes- Starting week of January 8. Bootcamp, ZUMBA, Tai Chi, Total Body and STRETCH, SCULPT, & TONE; Registration online.

Wellness Seminars- Better you Sleep, Financial Fitness, Mental Health 101, Healthy Relationships and more; Registration online. 

Fresh Picks at SCF Cafeterias - Available at ALL Cafeteria locations. Check out MyFitnessPal.com for Cafeteria Nutritional Facts. 

Wellness Challenges - Deskercise (April); Hydration (June); Walking (October); Project Zero (December); Registration online. 

Wellness Coaching - Create a Wellness Plan, Vision, and Goals with a personal coach. IndividualCoaching available. ​​

White Picket Produce - Fresh ORGANIC Produce delivered to your SCF doorstep. Now available at LWR and Bradenton campuses.

Weight Room (Bradenton)- Weight room & shower facilities available Building 17 (GYM)

Join Our Wellness Team

Pride In Wellness Programs