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Bradenton Campus Walking Map - Revised and updated with new route for the NEW Library

SCF Library - Find out about various Wellness Resources available 

Manatee Memorial Hospital - FREE Seminars, classes and events.

​Blake Medical Center - Learn about what's happening in health news.

​Manatee County Athletics - Join an Adult League today, Basketball, Kickball, Flag Football, Volleyball, Softball.

​Take Action - Take Action! is a free, 10-week, Web-based program that empowers employees to improve their health by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity in the worksite.


National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute - For more than a decade, The Heart Truth® program has worked to raise awareness about women’s risk for heart disease―the #1 killer of women in the United States―and share the steps they need to make to lead a heart healthy life. Your risk for heart disease can increase significantly depending on how many risk factors you have. So take control of your heart health today!

American Diabetes Association - Wellness Lives Here℠ helps companies, organizations and communities educate and motivate people to adopt healthful habits to reduce the impact of type 2 diabetes and other obesity-related illnesses. For some, it means fewer sick days and higher productivity. For others, it means looking and feeling better. For everyone, the result is empowerment—Americans who are better able to control, delay or Stop Diabetes and related health problems. 

Eat Right - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Get food, health and fitness news through videos and posts. 

Florida Blue, Sarasota - University Town Center, fitness, seminars, and more!

​Florida Blue Brainshark - A Brainshark is a multi-media presentation that is viewed online with audio capability. Brainsharks can be accessed anytime via a computer or any type of mobile device as long as an internet connection is available.Convenient and engaging, Brainsharks are a great way for your employees to learn information that can improve their health and quality of life. They can be used when face-to-face learning is not an option, or to reinforce a particular health and wellness initiative. 

WalkWise Florida - WalkWise Manatee is a free 15-minute interactive presentation on pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver safety. WalkWise is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District One. The presentation is fun and interactive, participants use clickers to vote for their favorite answers, and all audience members are given a free reflective backpack.

Fit 941 Magazine - Containing sessions in yoga, CrossFit, swimming, running, training programs, pilates, walks, cardio, circuit, diving.

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