• Challenge 1: Deskercise Challenge 

3 weeks, April 2 – 20

*Prize: SmartWatch

1. Complete 5 out of 7 days of deskercise exercises for 10 minutes PER WEEK.
2. Exercises can be performed before, during and after work and on weekends to obtain the needed 5 days per week for the duration of 3 weeks.

3. The 10 minutes deskercise exercises do not need to be performed consecutively.

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  • Challenge 2: Hydration Challenge

3 weeks, June 11 – 29

*Prize: Tumblers for Department Winners

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  • Challenge 3: Walking Challenge

4 weeks, October 8 – November 2

*Prize: Fit Bit

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  • Challenge 4: Project Zero Holiday Challenge

3 weeks, December 10 – 28

*Prize: (3) $75 Publix Gift Cards​

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2018 Wellness Challenges 
As part of the Pride In Wellness program, Wellbeing challenges are offered for 3-4 week periods and focus on making gradual healthier lifestyle choices. These activities require you to accurately track your participation on an SCF provided tracking sheet and are on an honor system. You are asked to complete the forms with integrity and honesty. Visit our
CALENDAR to print the schedule.